I’m Jess, (Hi! Hola…Bonjournoooo) a twenty something (okay kinda nearing the end of my twenties but doesn’t that sound so much better?) female with my head firmly in the clouds (in every sense of the word) a penchant for colourful and enchanting spots around the world and a passion for twirling around in pretty outfits in off the beaten track dreamy places!

I started this blog in 2012, before i embarked upon this ‘magic carpet ride’ of a journey as a Flight Attendant in the Middle East. I was constantly searching for blogs of a similar nature and was unable to find many that showcased the lifestyle that well. So i started up my own as a source of inspiration for anybody wanting to travel or apply for the same job role!

The excitement of adventure and travel overtook the time to write on the blog so i have gone quite some time without posting, but i am back, with a passport full of stories, a suitcase filled with memories- and ready to take you with me on my trips around the world, hoping u will enjoy my tales as much as i love to write them!


Life above the clouds, a rather  magical place to be :-)

Enjoy the adventure!

Jessica x



5 thoughts on “About

  1. This was so unbelievably helpful! I’ve been in a constant battle with anxiety the past 3 weeks about this and your first post have been the closest thing to calming me down. My assessment day is in 3 days, is there any advice not already on here that you can give?!

  2. Obsoletely love this website!!! I have my assessment day next month and this is making me want it even more! (Which I didn’t think was possible.) Can’t wait for more posts :) xxx

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