Top ten ‘insta’ photo spots around the world: part two!

I wrote a post last year on my most Instagrammable hotspots around the world. I couldn’t fit them all in and since then I’ve been lucky to discover so many more, so please read on for the second edition of,

‘The Top Ten Insta photo spots in the world!’

1.Taj Mahal

Iconic. A world wonder. Breathtakingly beautiful? 100% gram worthy. Luckily for me my delightful tour guide was a budding, baby beginner photographer! So we were able to get this beautiful shot, which is a little different to the usual capture you see online. To get this particular angle you exit the Taj Mahal, and walk around to the side of the palace!

2. Paris Eiffel Tower


Definitely worth going to this spot for sunrise, unfortunately for me [and Jack, my boyfriend / insta hubby] lwe fail to make this time slot on a regular basis! Oh we set the alarm alright. Then deliberate for the hour the pros and cons of getting up and ready. The pros? An epic shot without any tourists, beautiful lighting & a perfectly squared shot for the gram. The cons? Less cuddles in bed I mean come on? No brainer ;)

3.Rio de Janeiro

Christ Redeemer

Okay this is an obligatory shot when you visit Rio. But this pic of me and my friend is one of my favourite pics I think I’ve ever taken. Taken right at the top of Corcovado mountain. [wow looking at this pic gives me all kind of feels, RIO is just pure magic].

4. Barcelona Cathedral


I only discovered recently that you can visit the rooftop to this beautiful cathedral which sits in the heart of the gothic quarter. I’ve walked past it a hundred times on my many visits to this city and never even looked above! Head for sunrise, again, to eradicate tourists in your shot, and to also gain free entry before 1pm!


Rockefeller Centre

One of the most infamous views of this magical city. But this particular shot is a slightly different angle to the norm. Get your friend/ insta hub/ fellow tourist to take the steps to the second level of the deck, and snap you & this view from above. Truly, epic. You’re welcome.


Fisherman’s bastion

Straight out of a fairytale, this is definitely one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Budapest. Meander, and sit and enjoy the most amazing panoramic views of the city. Sunset is ideal timing.

9. San Francisco!

16th Avenue tiled steps

A gem of a find, this beautiful staircase of 163 beautifully mosaic tiled steps in the Sunset district of San Francisco will definitely set the your feed on alight!

9. Buenos Aires

Palermo Soho

Hip, colourful, & beautifully painted mural walls, yup you wanna get down to this beautifully colourful district in Buenos Aires. Filled with boutiques and cute cafes, oh, and Instagrammable streets. VAMOS!

10. Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

This is one of the most stunning mosques in the world. Period. It’s also probably the grandest in the world. Any time is a good time to visit as you can capture its beauty throughout the day/ night. Personally i think sunset is better because it’s cooler and the sunlight bounces off the white walls perfectly.


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