TOP 5: Dubai Pitstops

I’ve lived in Dubai almost six years and realised I’ve never actually written a post about my own home away from home city! After having several visitors over the last few months, and with Dubai’s ever changing, constantly evolving, booming landscape, it comes with a whole array of new places to visit. Here are my top 5, insta worthy, ‘do it for the gram’ [*sigh* apologies, but- 21st century] hotspots! Some are pretty obligatory, but there’s some gems which I’ve discovered recently which I think YOU need to know about to.

Flamingo Room by Tashas

Oh my days this is a little slice of [Bloody Mary infused] paradise! Recently opened in the new hotel Al Naseem within the Souk Madinat, this restaurant / cocktail HAVEN is a must visit for those get inspired type of afternoons. It’s outrageously insta worthy, incredibly sassy & the setting is simply sublime.

Get your cocktail game ON at

Alserkal Avenue

So recently I took a photography course which was located in this rather off the beaten track area in Al Quoz. After milling around the location for two days I unearthed a wide variety of healthy, hip, on trend cafes, art studios, and even the famous Mirzam chocolate factory [loads of free samples FYI- get yourself down there!]. I couldn’t believe this had only been 5 minutes down the road from me! I highly recommend a meander around here and for sure to check out cafes Alserkal and Wild & Moon. Your vegan friendly, matcha latte loving, creative day out pitstop!

Pai Thai

Fancy schamcy boat ride [Abra] to dinner with beautiful views of the Souk Madinat en route? Mouth watering tasty authentic Thai delights? Candle lit terrace setting outside next to the creek with the lights reflecting their sparkle in the water whilst you wine and dine? Did I sell this place to you yet?! If I haven’t then give your head a wobble. This doesn’t only have the wow factor with regards to its intimate, rather romantic & stunningly fabulous setting, the food is second to none. I 100% recommend you make the trip.

Side note for the tourists; enjoy a view of THEE Dubai landmark, the Burj Al Arab on your return from the restaurant to Al Qasr Hotel. Probably the best place to get that insta snap right here on the water [on the traditional Abra- with your own personal photographer, yup- I got you!].


Desert Safari

Okay I know this isn’t exactly a new found gem however, a gem it certainly is. Especially for those making a short pitstop on to our desert land. Sunset. Sand dunes. Throw a camel or two in there. And with traditional food and entertainment you can’t really go wrong with spending the afternoon on one of these tours! I’ve taken absolutely everyone that’s come to visit me over the last 6 years on one of these thrilling rides out to the desert and as you can see below, the pictures prove “insta worthy” every single time. If you’re doing it for the gram, meh, have a bit of fun whilst you’re doing it- at least please ;)

Bu Qtair

Now this little beach side fish shack I am including purely for the quality of the fish served here. It’s not fancy. It’s not expensive. And it’s completely fuss pot free [no bookings required here]. It’s set up is simply plastic tables and chairs, plastic forks and knives, cans of soda, basically as simple as you can get yet the tastiest fish & prawns [marinated in a secret sauce] which I can wholeheartedly say are THE BEST I have ever had. Period. The reason I find this restaurant so charming is because unlike pretty much every other restaurant in Dubai this is stripped bare and marked purely on its fresh, mouth watering-ly scrumptious produce!


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    1. Oh wow that is amazing news! Yes please please incorporate Dubai in to your trip, I will email you Mr D!! It’s always so lovely to hear from you!!

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