4am thoughts: the curse or magic of jet lag?

It’s 4am in rainy Auckland New Zealand. The rain is pattering against the window, it’s reminding me of home. I am wide awake. Hungry. Thirsty. Head spinning with a million thoughts. Why does all the magic happen at such unearthly hours. When I was young I was only able to study during the ghost hours and all my ideas and dreams come alive from midnight onwards. I only went to bed one hour ago. Yep. Diagnosis correct. This is a severe case of jet lag!

I haven’t posted on here for so long. I have been seriously slack. I get so many great comments as well from people who read and view the blog that I really felt it’s time to get back in to doing what I love. Writing, rambling, digressing (and divulging ;) and of course sharing with you my pictures and tales from around the world.

Jet lag is a killer for most people. It’s the question I get asked the most concerning the job. How do I cope? Well in all honesty sometimes i really don’t! Like now for example. I’m currently on a 5 day Brisbane Auckland trip. We spend a day in Brisbane, a day in Auckland and then back to “brissy” for the remainder of the trip. Considering it’s 4am here, that means it’s 7pm in Dubai (behind) and thus 1am in Brisbane. Confusing right?

So yes my head is slightly frazzled. But sometimes waking up in the middle of the night wide awake when the rest of the world is sleeping is surprisingly serene. I open the curtains and see the moon and it seems that I draw all of it’s electric energy shining through the window to my mind. I always decide what to do with my life at 4am! I decide my holidays, my outfits I even design my ideal boyfriend. Only joking (slightly) but I guess if you are a rugged looking brown haired male with a penchant for music, travel and crazy gemini girls, then please do apply within ;)

I have many days off in between my flights. Only having around 5 flights a month means I get plenty of time to recover and recharge the exhausted batteries. I have also been flying for two years now so I have become accustomed to this roller coaster lifestyle. Some crew say they cope better when traveling to America- which is the story in my case. Perhaps it has something to do with the concept of going back in time! In Australia we are quite literally slingshotted in to the future. I feel upside down, inside out and as though I have been out on a seriously heavy four day bender when I land in to Oz sometimes (I also look like I have as well. Damn my British genes. Give me some of that healthy glowing European olive skin any day. It is really down to preparation and how you mentally and physically prepare yourself for each flight!

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Rest. Sleep.

And if you lack discipline like me and can’t help but click “next” on the 10000th episode of MIC you watched today even though you have three hours before wake up then- you are going to experience the joys of jet lag. (I’m currently on Made in Chelsea but any other series recommendations highly welcome).

It’s 5.30am now. I can guarantee I will be the first in line for breakfast. This hotel wins the breakfast contest by far. Chocolate fountains. For breakfast. Heavenly! I will be blogging soon about my trip here.

Meet you at 4am in another port of the world. Before I go here is a pic of the infamous marshmallow beds that we are too grateful to sleep (or die) on at each hotel we stay in. You quite literally melt in to a soft and dreamy paradise.

Goodnight all (or good morning!)


Bedroom views at 5am



3 thoughts on “4am thoughts: the curse or magic of jet lag?

  1. I love this post. I don’t cope with jet lag either – I let myself flow, I feel like I don’t need sleep anymore, I lay wide awake in this foreign city and I enjoy the loneliness, the silence…this feeling that you are floating far above the world. I love your blog!

  2. I enjoyed reading your post :)
    Funny enough, I’m a kiwi from Aux, NZ and now living in England. It is now 4:20am and I am completely wide awake … I could even go for a jog (and I dont run!!) Well, this is what happens to me every time I fly. I wake up at 4am every night (regardless of taking tablets or not) and then I’m wasted for the day -this usually lasts a few weeks!.. Not sure what else to do… But its nice to think someone else is in the same boat. I’m am now hungry and thirsty, but dont want to get up, eat or drink, ad I want to get back to normal sleeping patterns asap. Any advice would be grand.

    Thanks for reading,


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