Stepping in to a fairytale: Munich

I’ve visited Germany several times before, ticking off Hamburg, Frankfurt and Berlin (the latter being a personal favourite!) So seeing that a trip to Munich was up next for Mays adventuring, i cant say i was too overly excited. A 48 hour stay too. Damn. Eyes rolled when came the suggestion of visiting a castle about two hours drive from the city. Ive definitely seen a fair share of castles in my time. Every school trip was to sightsee a castle in some random place where it normally rained all day (god bless you England) and the best part of the trip was usually the coach ride there. The ‘pretending to listen to tour guides’ whilst all you really wanted to do was to flirt with all the boys.

Ah the good old days.

When i actually realised that the castle the guys were on about was THIS particular castle. One suddenly had a swift change of heart ;)

Neuschwanstein Castle. The most enchanting place in the entire world. It comes near the top of every poll of places to visit before you die. It was top of a list I shared recently of the 25 most fairytale places around the world to visit. Because why wouldn’t you want to see these heart stopping sceneries that look like they have been lifted from a storybook. Literally. I strongly believe that I belong in a fairytale sometimes! There’s still time I suppose…

First sighting of this enchanted castle- nestled in the stunningly scenic Bavarian Alps really was one of those moments that truly take your breath away. Situated on a rocky mountain the place that actually inspired Walt Disney to create the castle in Sleeping Beauty draws you in just like the fairytale itself. The Bavarian mountains provide the most stunning backdrop to a proud and very green Deutschland. I almost felt Maria and the Von Trap family were going to come singing the sound of music in my ears with these stunning panoramic views of hills, mountains and endless green meadows. It was serene. Tranquil. Mesmerising. Mother nature showing off in majestic fashion.

Neither my words nor pictures could do this place justice. The most idyllic backdrop imaginable only in fairytale books. You can climb to the top of the mountain by foot or by horse drawn cart. Surrounding you is an enchanting forest with trees so tall they’re kissing the sky. You look back and you can see the alps peeking through the forest. Its out-of-this-world kind of good.

When you learn the tragic story of the King who built this castle it enhances its fairytale nature somewhat more.

King Ludwig II the ‘Fairytale King’ built this castle for his own amusement. Call him a Michael Jackson of his time, carving a Never Neverland masterpiece, a make believe world of fantasy and fairytale. The eccentric King was declared mentally ill 6 weeks after building his fairytale playground. He liked to fine dine with imaginary friends. And sometimes
his horse. A recluse. A self proclaimed dreamer. He died in mysterious fashion shortly after being made to abdicate his thrown, declaring ‘insanity’. The castle then opened its grounds to the public. How’s that for a Disney esque tale!

“I want to remain an eternal mystery to myself and to others”- King Ludwig II








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