NYC: The city that never sleeps. And neither do you.

As part of the job, you have to be able to entertain the question asked by the majority of people you encounter when they first learn what you do. You want to be able to answer with sincerity and passion and tell them how you left your heart in that place. Oh so cheesy…oh so true. The big question is of course; “Where is the best place you have visited?”. For me, without a moment’s hesitation there is only one answer. Yep, you probably already guessed (maybe the title gave it away) …New York City.

It is a pretty gruelling 13 hour trip trip across the Atlantic to reach thee magnificent NY, however once you are there (well, the body is there…the mind is somewhat AWOL) it’s almost as though you have clicked Dorothys red heels together and transported yourself. You have no idea where 13 hours just disappeared to.

From leaving the aircraft not remembering what day it is (or where you have landed- this does happen on a more frequent than i would like basis!), to forgetting that you never took the French guy sitting at 34E his red wine, to sleeping mouth wide open (possible drooling) the entire 60 minute trip from JFK airport to the hotel- the first sight you get of NYC and suddenly it’s as if you have inhaled something you shouldn’t have, you are wide awake. What is in the air in this city? Such an incredible feeling looking to your left and seeing the bright lights of a hectic Times Square. So many people bustling about. A melting pot of cultures indeed it is. Individuals from every inch of the world creating this electric energy throughout the city. And here we all are under one NYC roof for the next 30 hours.

The way i see the trips we go on- treat every destination as though you will only see it once. That way you wont miss out on seeing some of these amazing sights around the world. Sleep? This unusual word has no meaning in this city (or to us in general with this job) Sleep when you are dead and returning back to base. So many people miss the opportunity to see with their own eyes these incredible places we travel to. Places people can only dream of visiting.

One of the coolest aspects i find about it all is that we are pretty lucky to be able to see the world through its changing seasons. And no place shows off mother nature and her power to turn Summer in to Autumn better than this city. I know…i saw. And wow.          














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