Falling in love with…SYDNEY

The Sydney trip was my first flight which I operated. You have no idea how my eyes lit up seeing this appear on my roster being a complete sun freak- a sun super freak. I almost shrivel up and perish when the sun isn’t shining in my world! I feel like a sunflower, who only tilts its head in all its glory to the sun. So being able to now fly to a country that I’ve always wanted to go, but never been able to, was truly something. Australia is one of those places you usually save up a few months wages to travel, and here I am- packing a suitcase for a five day trip Sydney side.

My favourite Ozzie friend Laura- a la Tim Tam/ Mint Slice (they’re all obsessed with these over there!) gave me some heads up for my trip down under. She told me to make sure I do the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk. I was kind of expecting a little trail from beach to beach, oh how i was mistaken.

THIS WALK IS INCREDIBLE. And if anything made me realise why so many of us Brits pack up and flee down under, this was it.

After a 15 hour flight, you would presume i would be dead under a rock when we landed, but no- taking my bare beach essentials, i headed for the walk with zero sleep. Come on, im in Sydney- sleep when your dead when your back in Dubai. That is always my motto.

I spotted houses that reminded me of good old fashioned ozzie soap- Neighbours. (God i used to love that show!) I spotted all the golden haired surfers headed towards the world class waves. All the fitness freaks, practising their yoga techniques on the white sand. Basically- everything stereotypical you could think of Australia i saw it all down there on the beach.

Except the Kangaroos. Obviously.









I went alone to do this walk. I am a ‘toes in the sand kind of girl’ like i mentioned before. And i am completely at peace with the world when i am AT THE BEACH. Taking in the incredible surroundings on this walk along the cliffs was something i enjoyed doing by myself. You think so much when the wind is in your hair and there’s salt in the air. Cheesy. Yet full of truth! And all you can see is the sparkling pacific ocean stretching to infinity. I made a good few friends on the walk along though, it made me realise how much i love being anonymous in a city i have never been. It is one of the best feelings of travelling to all these places!

The walk takes you along the coast, and the views it offers you are breathtaking, you get to see so many different beaches, see the foamy waves crashing against the rocks. All the different shades of blue creating the Pacific Ocean. It took me about 2 and a half, maybe 3 hours to complete, i played chinese tourist several times snapping away with my camera.

Completely unashamedly- Im in Sydney! Its allowed.

Note to self, for next time- take high factor suncream. The Australian sun is ridiculously deceptive, and will try its best to fry your skin and turn you in to a lovely lobster shade of red. No photos are being posted of my skins reaction to the ozzie sun, they are definitely for my eyes only…!!!


2 thoughts on “Falling in love with…SYDNEY

  1. Hey Jess,

    Just want to let you know that your blog inspired me so much! i attended one of the Emirates open days in May this year. I had my GC about 3 weeks ago and i fly to Dubai from here in Australia in August! I love reading your post’s..pretty much living the dream!
    Hope all is well and you are still living it up xx

  2. Hi Jess

    I found your blog through the cabin crew website, ive got an interview with Emarites at tehe end of the month… EEK! Thank you so much for posting this blog, youve really given me an insight into the life of a FA!

    Keep it up :)


    PS i tried to follow you on instagram and it says unknown? Please see me at KarinaTR4S – i’d love to follow you!

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