Back down to earth…

Ok. I have landed back to Earth, after a 6 month rollercoaster. When I started this blog I had every intention to post daily about my journey from little old England to the dusty, sand soaked Middle East, What can I say, the fact I have not had one second to sit down and write about it must mean I have had a pretty darn good time.

True story.

It really has been a whirlwind, and I think I may have taken the title of this blog a little too seriously, now needing to take my head out of the clouds. And definitely of that cheeky one called cloud 9.

Which does exist by the way. I’ve seen it.

Rather than take you back to the training days, all you need to know- is the 6 week training period was pretty much like going back to high school/ Uni. Yes, mandatory uniforms, corporate worlds, introducing your name every class you have and where you come from, frantic note taking, all nighters with endless black coffees to keep you powering through, exams, people you like- people you don’t, more exams, fun bus journeys at 5am in the morning, some not so fun bus journeys at 5am, weekend celebrations with a mob of 120 people, study groups, even more exams, smoking club on the 7th floor- basically, the most fun I have had since I can remember. And passing everything and actually learning about the aviation world is something im extremely proud of. The training is hardcore, Im not going to lie.

I had a completely distorted view of a flight attendant before I signed up to this, but learning how to restrain people, deliver babies, save peoples lives makes this job so much more worthwhile. Combining all the skills you learn and the places we travel to, it is hands down- one of the best jobs in the world. Life above the clouds- a rather magical place to live x

Flying high above a bed of clouds in to the Melbourne sunset. Office views...
Flying high above a bed of clouds in to the Melbourne sunset. Office views…

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