A post from 30,000ft!

So as I am currently sat at 30,000 ft in the air. Literally testing out “Life above the clouds” (knew that name would be the most appropriate for this blog!) I thought I would write a post. I have so much to divulge since I last wrote. Firstly about the words-can’t-describe type of send off I had! Truly an unforgettable weekend and let’s just say I (warning cheesy-ness ahead) I really am lucky to have the best kind of friends a girl could ask for.


Today was so emotional. After an extremely teary goodbye I walked through security and cried my eyes out. Got to the departure lounge and just sat staring at the a380 and i swear i could just see it grinning at me. I could actually hear it say- this is your new life now, come hither.

Now I’m sat on my new ride for the next few years! Tapping away in the sky.

Its all still so surreal.

The wifi isn’t the best so logging off now. Did manage to facetime V though! Unreal. I have a feeling we are going to be just fine….

Wonder whereabouts in the world we are right now….


One thought on “A post from 30,000ft!

  1. Hey

    Your blogs are great, thanks for that..I applied online and have been invited to an assessment day …fingers crossed…what kind of task exercises were there?what do most people wear?any other tips?little nervous to say the least…

    How is the training going btw??xoxo

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