End of an era. Bye bye Manchester.

Today was the day i moved out of 129 Liverpool Road. That’s it now. I’ve actually quit my job and now i have left my flat- i honestly still have to pinch myself that this is actually happening!

My mum and dad came up to take all my stuff back home. They rocked up in my brother’s work van, complete with all the mandatory equipment needed to ensure this was a smooth operation. (few years worth of experience in this trust me!) Enter the rents laden with a tool box, bin liners, and my mum’s handbag overflowing with a pic and mix of oven cleaner, bleach and a dustpan and brush!

What would i do without them!

I have to admit i did have a little lump in my throat when we had packed all my belongings in to the van and they drove off. I just watched them drive out the gates and felt overcome with sadness. I looked around the empty flat and remembered the day me and Roxy first came here. I went through all the different memories and emotions i have had and felt in this flat….and in Manchester since i have been here! I could almost hear the echoes of everyone who i have met along the way and thinking of all the fun we have had. And wow we have certainly had some fun!!! We really have.

I got my mum to take some pics of me before they drove off (yes- i don’t care if i look like a wally sat on the steps with a sad face on and doing a thumbs down with my hands). It’s a poignant day for me today- im allowed!

So I’m nearly at the finishing line now. If this was a game of rounders, then this is another base i have now reached. It is another skittle i have managed to strike if i was bowling. It feels good.

Next stop- the last day of work

Here we go…



2 thoughts on “End of an era. Bye bye Manchester.

  1. Congratulation!!! you did well. i Have recieved an email inviting me for an Open day next month. is there any chance i could see what you CV looked like? please email it to me if you can. I really want this job. Also what did you tell them when they asked why you want this job.

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