Writing this “on the move” so to speak on my iPhone. It isnt going to be a long one…but i just need to tap these thoughts down right now.

It’s been such a strange day today! One of them that’s full of weird signs and encounters. U know the sort. Feathers fall at your feet, u think of someone all day long and then they appear as if my magic that very same day. You lose something of the utmost sentimental value. But really u were “supposed” to get rid of it anyway. The world just kinda helped u out.

Well- none of the above actually happened today as such. But still bizarre all the same…

I was buying some Mac bronzer in town today and struck up a conversation with the girl at the counter. We were chit chatting about things in general and then discussing the different shades of bronzer (standard girls mantra at Mac!) I said I’m off to Dubai so I must have the darkest shade they have (to match the deep dark tan oh yeaaa!). And the girl replies “me too”. I said I’m off to work for X.

And she said “ME TOO”

I’m sorry but you really can’t write that stuff! We then continued to talk about it all and how excited we were to go! It was just really surreal. Out of all the girls that could have served me, I met someone who’s also going to be joining me on this adventure.

I also have some happy news about someone close to me. But for now I just want to wish them good luck and that i knew they could do it….When I am able to tell the story, it will definitely be one of the most significant things and relationships I’ve had with a person.

This whole blogging thing is an excellent platform to record feelings and thoughts. The interesting, the informative….and the weird.

Which is what I might classify this particular post as. But all the same. Some things that happen are too bizarre to keep to yourself ;-)

Over and out



One thought on “Spook

  1. What a day! I have to only agree on that one! The place on the universe where we are right now is in the positions where the stars shining the right positive energy. It must be writen somewhere in your destiny. I have learned from “the beginning” -> just go with it and follow to signs! Everything happens for reason and I can only forecast the brighter future! Writing this along side sipping away tea with lazy green and then off to bed too! Good night x

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