Cant believe im typing this….31 DAYS TO GO!

Im actually posting this today, because i dont think i can physically bring myself to type- ’30 days’ tomorrow! Because 30 days= 1 month. That’s a total of 4 weeks which actually equals…..730.484 HOURS! (Cheers google).

720 hours??? That doesn’t seem like long at all! I have 720 hours left in the uk, 43829.1 minutes in fact. Aaaaah!

I just have so much to do! I will tell you where i am up to so far. So- im moving out of my flat in Manchester this weekend. The ‘Holiday Home’. Number 129c Liverpool Road. Going to miss this place a lot. It was the perfect flat for me and my friend Roxy to move in to. At a time when i desperately needed to see some light at the end of the tunnel, as if by magic- the landlords found US through an advert i put on Gumtree way back in January. This was after numerous failed attempts to find a flat.. Since then, we have had just the best times in this flat. Roxy moved out in July, and one of my other friends Cain moved in. So for me, it is kind of sad to leave here. And to leave Manc! I have spent the best part of my twenties in Manc really- and have the best group of friends here. An actual dysfunctional family at times, but all the same, they still are the best.

As sad as i feel sometimes, I must say it will probably subside slightly, as a few days after my departure from sunny manc- im off to X for the Closing Parties for the weekend. Haven’t done the closings since my last season in 2009. They are pretty amazing, much better than the openings. There is a real buzz and energy on the island, its magical. I haven’t been able to get excited about it yet as i have to sort so much stuff out- but now its round the corner i cant wait to go back. It will be a nice way to say goodbye to some special friends ive made the past few months, mainly ‘V’. Its sad, but i guess i have known from the very start that im moving away. But sometimes i don’t think you can plan the direction things may go with people you meet along the way, ”it just happens”. I think we are definitely going out with a bang anyway, no better way to spend the last few days than a week on the island. Who knows what may happen down the line, you just never know.

( Wish i did though! I am the kind of type that likes to know. I dont have to, i just prefer to! I like to know the ending of the book before i have actually read it. I wikipedia films and read the summary before i have watched it! Some may call this nosey. I prefer to use the term inquisitve).

Okay getting side tracked. Back to the point of my blog………….

FYI- I now have 43799.1 minutes left ;)


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