Notice handed in. This is it. It is really happening now.

I finally handed my notice in to my current job. I was stressing about this for days, wondering how i was going to break the news. I even sent an email asking for a ten minute chat to my boss, then made a swift exit out the office and conveniently went on my ‘lunch’. I just have a nice relationship with some people here, and i have had a comfotable job for the past 6 months. And of course, handing my notice in was the final straw in this rollercoaster ride- it meant that this was really happening now. It makes it all so real now, cementing the facts i am now officially en route to my new career in the sky. My mum asked me if i had done it yet, and i replied NO IM SCARED- her reply?

” Will you be scared at 30,000ft? Get on with it”.

True words.

So i have reached the final hurdle in this x month application process. Good things certainly do come to those who wait- yep, another cliché. But they exhibit reality the most.

I will never forget reading an article when i had left Uni. It was in Company Magazine- about this girl’s journey in to the working world after she had graduated from Uni. She described how the first year after she left. she fell in to office- based sales type roles, not really sure of what she wanted to do. She worked in these random jobs whilst she found her feet- for some of us, this period of ‘feet finding’ can be a lengthy one (including me). As the years start to creep by, this woman describes how her friends who she was at Uni with in the same year, are now suddenly becoming Doctors, completing their Post Graduate degrees, Managers of their own company. And the simple way she describes it is as follows;

When they graduated from Uni, at the same time- they were at the ‘starting line on a running track’. All lined up together, setting off at the same time. As soon as that whistle blows.

Then suddenly, everyone has ran past her and reached the finishing line, they’ve crossed the border and have already gained their medals.

But she was still tying her shoelaces.

I will never forget that article- and its been embedded in to my brain ever since. Because i am that girl! I felt exactly the same as her- but you know what? I actually think we’re quite lucky. “Feet finding can be fun” and you can test out new things. It certainly makes you appreciate finding that thing you want to ‘do’. We all live and learn from our mistakes- so in the end, maybe we’re better off taking our time to run that race!

(Im now on a google mission to hunt down that article. I will attach the link so you can read for yourself)


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