You will be contacted…

After an agonising SIX WEEKS- of checking the candidate portal every single day (okay, a few times- every single day. OKAY why lie, every single morning right the way through to mignight probably a good 30 times a day) I finally get the infamous message;

You will be contacted by your recruitment co-ordinator at the earliest..

I ACTUALLY scream at the computer screen! Run outside and phone my mum straight away! I couldn’t believe it i was so so happy, i had been through so much hurt before now and the constant battles of wondering which direction i was heading in my life in terms of jobs- i just couldnt believe i could be this happy again.  It just made the emotional ups and downs i experienced when (lets just label him ‘C’) broke my heart- AH- sigh. Drama queen strikes again- but its true. It made it worth all the pain. To know i achieved this, I DID THIS! I took all the little steps i needed to do to achieve this- and it just felt so good

I then had to wait a further 3 weeks for the official ‘GOLDEN CALL’ (the GC in the ….lingo!). This wait was painful as well! It felt like i was just window shopping this new fabulous career- u know, i could see it in the window- there in all it’s glory- but i wasn’t quite ready to have it just yet.

THEN- i get the magic +971 Dubai digits flash up on my phone! Roxy tells me to look out for this number- so i  knew exactly who it was going to be! ARGH YES this is IT! Here we go! I hear a softly spoken woman on the other end saying “Congratulations Jessica- welcome to ….. Cabin Crew. Would you be available to start on the 14th September”.


I remember how happy i was at this moment. I take a photo of how happy i was on this day- you might think that this is strange. But i did it- to make sure i remembered how happy i was when i received this life-changing news. And to never forget it. This was so important to me-

And so the …… rollercoaster continues, but now it is just the formalities, paperwork and PRE-EMPLOYMENT MEDCALS (which is a whole other world of a story to tell :/ nothing is ever easy let me just put it that way!)


2 thoughts on “You will be contacted…

  1. ignore that last comment….. i got my golden call this morning i got the job!!!! so over the moon i can’t quite believe it!!! 11th January 2013 Dubai here i come!!!!

  2. I have just come across your blog and I don’t think I’ve stopped smiling the whole way through. You write so well and give me so much determination to get through my Open Day in the Gold Coast (Aus) on Saturday. Fingers Crossed :-) happy Flying x Jen

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