The Open Day- Mariott Hotel, Leeds- 24/03/2012

I never got a reply back from my online application, i guess so many people want this job. I ended up choosing to go to an Open Day (in Leeds) and i remember tweeting the DATE. Nothing else, just 8 digits that would mark the dawn of new beginnings for me- 24/03/2012.

It came round soon enough. I got myself ‘X’ fit when it came to the open day, making sure i had a clean sharp suit, hair tied back, FALSE NAILS put on- SEE IMAGE BELOW- yes, i actually had nails put on (well- i couldnt possibly let them see my ET hands could i!) and of course, whacked the red lipstick on just before i walked in. One of my best friends Sam came with me too, it was a very amusing day…

So we get to the Marriot Hotel in Leeds, and group together in a conference room waiting for the Open Day to start. All the girls and boys there are immacutely presented, chatting away and wanting to know your name, where your from, and EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU! Told ya- my kinda people! ;) Anyway, we chat and swap stories about what brings us here until we are seated in the main event room.

Now i seriously want this job, more than anything so of course my poor friend Sam had to endure some pretty cringey acts of geekiness of my part (sorry!). Theres a whole room full of chairs, but naturally- im aiming for the FRONT ROW! We take our seats and listen in awe of the woman telling us all about life with ‘X’, travelling the world to all these exotic places- and of course, living in DUBAI! We watch a film on Dubai (im open mouthed the whole way through imagining my potential new life…) and then each get to take our CV over to the co-ordinator and have a little chat.

I take my CV and explain how much i want this job, she says to me ” I can tell- you haven’t stopped smiling since you got here” (Chelsey’s advice- she strictly said her jaw ached from smiling so much- bonus). They explain they will call you later in the day if you have got through to the next stage (which is the assessment part of the process). Jeeze, feel like im on the X Factor.

So i go to spend the weekend in Sheffield with the girls, at Dom & Sams new flat. We have a nice chilled day drinking at the Forum in the sun, im about to get cash out on Devonshire street and I GET THE VOICEMAIL! WAHOO! YES! Literally punching the air, i get the callback and invite to return for the assessment day the next day. Things are looking up. Its strange i got that call in Sheffield, as i associated sheffield with good, but towards the end- quite bad memories from my time at Uni. Mainly my disastrous final year (where everything just went wrong for me)….so it was nice to put those ill feelings to rest and receive some momentous happy news whilst in the place i spent a good chunk of my life in.

Happy days


2 thoughts on “The Open Day- Mariott Hotel, Leeds- 24/03/2012

  1. Hiya! I love your blog! You must be so happy! Are you over in Dubai now? I am attending an Australian open day next month! :) Harriet

  2. Hi There :) May I ask if Emirates did not get back to your online application but you went to the Open Day anyway? Because I am wondering If I am able to attend the Open Day in Australia next month if I did not hear back in regards to me online application. You reply would be greatly appreciated! Cheers xx

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