The Application process

When i was applying for …., i sought out advice and tips off my friends who i knew had already applied and been successful. I owe a lot to Miss Chelsey Rouen for all of this, so im taking this opportunity right now to say thank you.. I feel like part of the reason i feel safe in going is because of her, and knowing she is out there. The Aquarius and the Gemini- the perfect pair! (Also both ‘AIR’ signs. Very apt.)

So i applied online in January. I thought long and hard about answering that first question, ”WHY do you want to work for …?” The advice i give you when answering this, is to write it from the bottom of your heart how much getting this job would mean to you. I couldnt express more how this job would suit my personality, and at the end of the day it all boils down to one thing. I have a genuine love and passion for PEOPLE. I love all sorts of wonderfully weird and colourful people. There will never be enough people in the world that i haven’t met- i want to know the stories behind those faces, i want to know their background, and where theyre from and what they do! There’s the saying;

People ought to take note of this. I mean, if we all had one wish in life, surely it would be to never have to work again wouldnt it? (Well, that and being able to fly a la Superman OR CAST MAGIC SPELLS..)

But let’s keep it real.

Getting paid for something you are passionate about, i mean its just common sense- isnt it?


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