The ’37’ day countdown!

So- its been 10 MONTHS since i applied for this job back in January. Why did i apply? Well, i guess when your whole world falls apart when out of the blue (er- a complete and utter shock might i just hasten to add!) you get thrown out of your boyfriends house (that you were living in), dumped- and then dumped LITERALLY at the tram stop, in the rain, with your life belongings in two measly bags and no where to go.

Its time to god damn change your life.

And thats what i did. Well, okay, albeit going through a seriously ‘traumatic’ time dealing with the break up. ‘Dealing’ being a controversial word here- least im honest! Okay, im being dramatic- but i can truthfully say- it really was probably one of the worst experiences ive ever had to go through. It took me 2 months to realise that yes, its true, u have actually been DITCHED. Enter shock phase, denial, hurt- and then came the ANGER! I mean how else are you supposed to feel when one week after the ”supposed love of your life” (god how much you learn POST break up ha!) ends up tramping it about with a ex p-star boxing champion, yes- u did read right!  I mean COME ON!

Okay, im digressing. This is actually all irelevant now, but of course when something changes your life so much- you realise how much you want to make a success of your life and get out there and DO SOMETHING THAT MATTERS.

The old classic, ”Everything happens for a reason”. Cliché, i know. But it is just my favourite quote, because i am a firm believer in this. It really does, and i cant believe where i am now because of the things and events that have happened in my life. I am about to embark upon a new journey, a new life, and a new chapter in this wonderful MAGICAL book called


Well. It is your life- so LIVE IT.


2 thoughts on “The ’37’ day countdown!

    1. Aww cat thank you!! I know, im so happy knowing that this is around the corner now- for both of us!! Makes everything worthwhile. This is a whole new chapter now!!! Too exciting! x

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