This is it. The Final Interview stage. If you fail this, you cannot re-apply for ….. for a whole year. I met a girl at the open day who had failed at this stage a few times before, and this was her last chance of doing it! I think she said 5 times? It is actually really intense, i wasn’t quite expecting it to be. It’s a full hour of constant competency based questions.

You know the sort- “Tell me about a time where you have dealt with an angry customer” and ” Tell me about a time you dealt with a difficult customer”. Argh theyre almost the same question….arent they? Quick, think on your feet.

I mean basically if you have had customer related experience before- which you probably will have to be applying for the job in the first place, then its not hard to answer the questions- as you deal with these scenarios all the time. Also- if you manage to get to this stage, the job is pretty much yours (unless you give a really disastrous interview, but you yourself will know how good/ bad it went!)

The interview went really well, i think she knew how much i wanted this- and what getting this would mean to me. Sometimes that spark of enthusisam is all it takes. I was making sure she could she my beautiful (fake) manicured hands too. As in over showing them a bit too much probably. IM SUCH A NERD I KNOW- trust me, they were bitten off 2 hours later!

I did rather like the ending to my interview too, when asked for my documents and CV- still beaming from the positive interview, I reach in to my bag and pick out… a dripping wet soggy crumpled folder. WHAT THE….yes. Something had leaked in my bag- this is just typical for me- and u ask anyone.

They would tell you the same.


One thought on “‘FI’

  1. I am cabin crew in an indian aviation company since 2 yrs applied to emirates got thru final interview fi status they asked for mor casual photographs sent them but in 1 week got a unsuccesful mail stating u can reapply after 6 months i didnt understand what went wrong plz advice so i can prepare well for next time what could hve gone wrong the photoographs i sent were good very nice from a professional photografer with red lipstick kindly suggest something and give ur valueable guidance thankyou

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